Temuka Seido Karate

Individually we are one drop - Together we are an ocean

The Temuka dojo was opened by Sei Shihan Lance on 29th March 1987. 

Sei Shihan Lance has taught and trained many students in his Club through the ranks to black black.

There are currently 3 Sensei's (4th dans)  and several Black Belts training and instructing within the Temuka dojo.

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THE SEIDO EMBLEM - The Plum Blossom

The symbol we wear on the left sleeve of our gi is Kaicho Tadashi Nakamuras (the founder of Seido Karate) family emblem, the plum blossom - the five petaled blossom of the Japanese plum tree. Kaicho founded Seido karate on three fundamental principles: Respect - Love - Obedience. 

These are represented by the three circles within the centre of the plum blossom of the Seido emblem. These principles represent what Kaicho believes to be essential to a healthy and productive practice of the martial arts. They also represent a way, or do, of being in everyday life. 

Why Choose Us?

Our dojo is built on a strong community and family base. We encourage people of all ages and fitness abilities to train with us. Seido Karate has dojos throughout the world.

What Does Seido Juku Mean?

The symbol we wear on the front of our gi on the left-hand side, is the Seido Juku symbol: 

Sei - means truth, honesty, sincerity

Do - means the way, road, path to follow

Juku - means special or unique place

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Karate-do: "empty hand way" or "a way of life" - This identifies the inward path upon which its followers travel while pursuing its spiritual principles. So what is the ultimate aim of karate-do? Could it be to discover a power within and ultimately learn how to use that power in order to strengthen and enhance the outer or physical world?

Gichin Funakoshi described karate-do as an intangible vehicle through which inner discovery provoked a deeper understanding of the self, the life and the world in which one dwells. Concerning the "kara" in karate-do he also wrote "just as a valley can carry a resounding voice, so too must the person who follows karate-do, make him/herself void by transcending self-centeredness and greed. Make yourself empty within, but upright without". The great Master maintained that the ultimate aim of karate-do lies neither in victory nor defeat, but rather in the perfection of ones moral character.

Through the virtues of karate-do, one comes face to face with ones weakness and it is through these virtues that weaknesses are turned into strengths, and strengths into even greater strengths, thus the tradition fulfills its purpose. Indomitable fortitude insulates us against the powerful forces of resistance and provides the resilience to withstand personal failure.

A mind tempered in the tradition of karate-do will remain impervious to worldly delusion, while illuminating the darkness of selfishness and ignorance. As with the Samurai Warrior undaunted in the face of fear - preparation, patience and humility is 90% of fighting, winning and living.

Now ritual is the platform upon which karate-do is taught and it is through the ritual that ones attention is ultimately turned inwards to where a lifelong journey for spiritual harmony is pursued.

In this light, kata becomes the central vehicle for karate-do, and training becomes as much mental as it is physical. However, it is necessary to balance this ritual with philosophy and interspection before the light inside each of us can ever be turned on.

As a result karate-do fosters humility, pacifism, physical fitness and spiritual harmony through physical discipline.

- Sei Shihan Lance -


Focus - Lets you breathe

Focus - Lets you listen to your own heartbeat

Focus - Lets you live for that second, that minute, that day

Focus - Lets you back to your centre

Focus - Lets you be "selfish"!

Focus - Lets you be you!

 -  Sei Shihan Lance  -

Where to Find Us


Alpine Energy Stadium

Domain Ave, Temuka 7920

Training Hours:

Tuesday Evenings 6-8pm


Cherie Pierce (Sensei)

Phone: 027 693 7576

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Temuka Seido Karate has a depth of knowledgeable instructors. We have a strong family focus.